Go on, Let's Share it!

Private Parties

Our photo sharing software allows your guests to digitally enjoy their moments. Allow guests to email, text message, or post directly to their social media page. Our social media station also gives complete access for your guests to reprint any of their previously taken photos, just in case they want a few extra for the road.


Marketing Events

All of our photo booths are internet enabled. This allows users to share or upload photos to their email, text message, or Facebook and Twitter streams directly from our booths live at your event. Additionally, if your event has a specific tag (you know, the fancy @’s and #’s), all messages can be preset with your pre-defined message to be shared.

It’s an effective and very fun way to collect data and get your brand shared virally.


What can we do for you?

  • Share branded images online
  • Capture data in real-time
  • Surveys & email collection
  • Send custom emails
  • Optional microsite
  • Increase likes & shares
  • Reprint additional images


Real-time Engagement

Our software can tailor every aspect of your marketing campaign. A clean slate that’s ready for your logo and company branding to take over. We’ve combined a fun user experience with world-class analytics to prove ROI at the end of the day.

Tell us what you’re thinking, sit back, and let the likes – and the data – be collected.